How to use TitanGel complete instructions + video

Today we will show how to properly use (apply) Titan Gel (titangel). We will show it in written form, and we also have a video. Complete instructions can be

titan-gel-applyfound below. Now imagine you were in short titangel. What it is, where it took, how much is it, and why I should know as I have applied. Where did this come from, this gel product, who knows who will say.

How to use TitanGel right way

  1. The first step of how to properly apply this gel is a print from a small amount of the gel product, and apply it to your finger. Then, we apply a blurring across the palms of the hands and vyzlečieme to the penis, which we need to increase the titangel
  2. Penis anyone hands on which we applied titangel about for 10 minutes, until it starts to heat up, arms and legs comfortably gel. Do everything carefully and slowly, so as not to nejakemu, it does, but the gel urazu to opatrny. Sometimes it happens that the gel nezapôsobí immediately, then apply it for longer than 10 minutes
  3. If you feel that playing, do you think you and gel are applied properly, extend your sleeves and hand to rinse with water. Destroy the evidence, take advantage of the wave and wash thoroughly the penis to increase titanium gel. Terach comes the most important part. You have to start singing and vybalte foil product, which was made exactly to step 3 so beware. davajte If you do not know how to watch the video below.

How to apply TitanGel

You can apply various forms of titangel. The most common is by hand, in some countries it is the application, so that apply. Anyone can also be the language. Penis enlargement, or partner if the partner poprosu gel it is wrong. Try the dirty and do bollocks because it ômže cause complications in the future with a gel and titániom

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At this point, when you’re aware how it works and applies and uses the titan gel, you can use the services of other products on the market that were also available in su


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